LaVaque Collection

Holly Schippers

Holly L. Schippers currently resides in Iowa. A nail professional since 1999, she attended the Creative Institute in England, July 2004, facilitated by world-renowned nail artist Samuel Sweet (Leeds, UK).  Holly pursues her salon career in Oskaloosa, Iowa. As an Education Ambassador for CND (Creative Nail Design), she has earned tremendous respect through her strong online voice within the digital community. She is a social media ambassador for CND and carries the digital torch via frequent interaction with peers, salons, schools and distributors. CND honored her with the prestigious North American Education Ambassador of the Year Award, 2010. Widely known as the FingerNailFixer, Holly has designed nails for use in New York Fashion Week, is an active member of CBI and ICE, being named to the ICE Design Team for 2012 and 2013, has been a cover artist for NAILS Magazine, teaches classes internationally, and is a regular contributor to NAILS Magazine including a bi-weekly blog the FingerNailFixer. 

Holly believes education is the foundational component in producing professional nail technicians, to that end she is known for video tutorials found on her Facebook ( and YouTube ( pages. She enjoys sharing her love and passion for nails with industry peers in an attempt to advance the industry by helping each individual professional advance themselves.

“As a nail professional and educator that believes in personally using anything I recommend, products need to meet a pretty high standard to get my stamp of approval. I take the responsibility of recommending tools to heart knowing that other professionals will spend money on them that they have worked hard to earn. In that spirit, the LaVaque set of FingerNailFixer favorites is something I feel comfortable standing behind as they are tools the professional can use and count on. The quality of the make is impressive, the spatulas are genius in design with their scoop end, and I’m not sure how I’ve lived without the
thumb palette!”