LaVaque Collection


Cuticle Nipper with Screw Lock - 1/4 Small Jaw


A Nail Tech’s Dream…  Effortless cutting performance for cuticles and hangnails. 

Say good-bye to external handle springs! Soft-tension internal spring can never be damaged. Additional screw-lock protects the tips when not in use. Easily turn counter-clockwise to open. To lock, hold in the closed position and turn screw clockwise.

  • Ultra sharp long-lasting cutting edges for professional precision
  • Internal spring, non-exposed to end the threat of breaking 
  • Screw-lock increases the life of the blades
  • Cobalt Stainless Steel for increased hardness
  • Soft finish for non-slip grip
  • Precise soft-tension spring control
  • Jaw length – 3mm (approx. 1/8 inch)
  • Backed by the LaVaque Product Guarantee