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Darcy Gilmore

Darcy Gilmore has been busy for the last 17 years building a clientele and reputation for her specialty in beauty and makeup. Ms. Gilmore was the makeup expert on ABC's hit show Extreme Makeover as part of the Extreme Team and many other makeover themed shows on Style Network, TLC, Soap Talk, Lifetime, Fox, and WE Networks. Finally working for E! Networks Red Carpet Live Countdown to the Academy Awards 2009 also as a makeup expert.

Now, Darcy spends many of her days working on Prime Time television shows as the Department Head, all airing the same week on FOX, ABC and CNN. These shows include, The Voice and Shark Tank.

"Not only do I love LaVaque Professional, I love the relationship the company has with artists! The tweezers exceed expectations and really can be a customized gift for clients. Any person who has eyebrows or know anyone else who has eyebrows should experience these!"  -Darcy Gilmore

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