LaVaque Collection


Thumb Palette™


Our Thumb Palette™ is as brilliant as it is simple. It’s rectangular stainless steel plate is connected to an adjustable ring, making it a portable hands-free palette that’s easy to clean. Terrific for achieving custom colors. 

Apply makeup from palette rather than container for hygiene purposes.
There is no risk of cross-contamination when using the LaVaque Spatula/Palette method, which ensures professional-level sanitation and extends the life of the makeup.


For nail art, simply put a little of the polish and acrylic paint that you want to use for a design onto the palette and you’ll have all the colors you need for your client literally at your fingertip.

• Hands Free

• Easy to clean

• Stainless Steel

• Lightweight

• Surface: 1” x 1 ¼”