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Elke Von Freudenberg

Elke is renowned for her The Model Brow® service & technique, a skill honed through years of brow shaping experience. Elke specializes in fixing and reshaping brows by customizing the shape of her client’s brows without the use of stencils. Taking her eyebrow expertise one step further, Elke is also the creator of The Brow Collection, a makeup line of fashionable and unique brow products available at her salons and online at Elke’s makeup work has appeared at The Academy Awards® and The Golden Globes, in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, People, In Touch, and Lucky, and on the runway collections of Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Dolce & Gabana. Her celebrity clientele includes Angelica Huston, Kate Moss, Blythe Danner, Jamie Fox, and Alexandra Paul.

"Tweezerman may have been first, but LaVaque Tweezers are fast becoming THE tool to have. Rarely do I come across a tweezer brand where all the tweezers work, instead of having just one that does. Their slanted and their pointed tweezers are amazing and grab like no one's business. And I love the crystal studded tweezers. First, they're super chic and second, they're super easy to find in your kit. Also love the matte finish on the handles that makes holding and using the tweezers extremely easy with great control as you're tweezing. Perfect. Why didn't anyone else think of this? LaVaque Tweezers are fast becoming a staple tool that I use on all my brow clients."  -Elke Von Freudenberg

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