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Melanie Rizzo

Melanie Rizzo is a licensed esthetician, licensed esthetics educator and certified makeup artist with extensive experience in the beauty industry.

Melanie has worked in many aspects of the skin care field such as having taught for a professional cosmetics product line and implementing both a brow design and makeup curriculum for an esthetics program.

She gained her extensive knowledge base from some of the industry’s best known brow designers like Bobbe Joy Dawson, Eugenia Weston and Victoria Bush to name a few, as well as countless advanced training workshops.

She completed her formal training and certification for makeup artistry at the Westmore Academy and Culver City Beauty College for Esthetics.

Melanie believes continuing education and advanced training classes are the cornerstone for any professional esthetician. You never can know too much and we work in a constantly changing industry. She strives to excel in all of her current offerings in the classroom and within her studio in Illinois. Melanie is proud to be affiliated with the best tweezers on the planet: LaVaque

She can be reached via


twitter: @melmakeupart

instagram: melaniemakeupart

“When I use my LaVaque Tweezers, especially on a day when I am booked solid with back to back brow appointments, my hands are less fatigued. LaVaque’s lightweight body and precision tips make my job easier and faster! I absolutely LOVE them; they are the only tweezers used in my studio.”   -Melanie Rizzo