LaVaque Collection

Product Guarantee & Sharpening Information


Our tweezers carry our famous Lifetime Guarantee: You Break ‘em, You Dull ‘em, We Replace’em.™
If your tweezers become dull or need repair, we will replace them with a brand new tweezers in the packaging.


Nippers and Scissors

We sharpen nippers and scissors which have become dull through normal use for FREE.
If nippers and scissors cannot be sharpened or repaired, we will send you a coupon to purchase a new product at half its current suggested price. Your original product will not be returned. 


Mailing Instructions

Please send your insured padded mailers with product and completed contact form to:

LaVaque Professional
806 Oregon Street
Oshkosh, WI 54902

1-888-99-PLUCK (1-888-997-5825)

Click here to download a PDF of our contact form.


Additional Information

Please allow 4-6 weeks for US delivery.  Customers outside the United States, please allow for additional delivery time.
We do not warranty products that have been misused, modified or repaired by anyone other than LaVaque.
Please note that LaVaque is not responsible for the loss of any products not sent in insured packaging.